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When this leaderboard was first created, there was major discussion on 2 topics. First, HDD vs SSD. Second PS4 vs PS4 Pro. Both discussions ended in the same way. The leaderboards did not get separated due to the perfectly logical argument that all that is affected is just load times and that the runs are exactly the same. The conversation died out and the 0.2 board remained as it is seen today. However, since then, there exists a major difference, that should have re-ignited the conversation quite a while ago. PS4 and PS4 Pro are actually no longer the same run. Thus, a new situation exists, where technically someone running on PS4 would never be able to recreate a PS4 pro run. Beyond that, many of the the old arguments still stand. While currently there are are no plans to directly change anything, we thought it would be best to open this topic for discussion and see what the community has to say.

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I would prefer the split even on the basis of load times. not just the shot locks and litterally faster movement because of the frame rate.

this might be a "dead" game because of ps4 but its still a game id recommend to people to learn to speedrun but its not deniable that people feel intimidated when to post a good time on the leaderboard you need to purchase a high end system.


I fully support this gamebrain, if the run is different , then they shouldn't be put togetheer


I'm 100% in support of a split. It can be extremely discouraging for anyone who wants to learn the run, but then sees that they'll never be able to get close to WR, or they'll always be behind just because of the hardware that they're on.

In addition to that, with the shotlock and framerate differences the runs do play out pretty differently depending on the system you're on. If someone was trying to learn the run and went to watch a video of WR, they'd see strats like the Darkside 1 and 2 fights that simply wouldn't work on a base PS4. Aqua 3 and Forest Fight are way more consistent on PS4 Pro due to the higher framerate. Demon Tide is also just a slower fight in general on base PS4 because of the shotlock differences as well. There's a lot of differences here, so I really think a leaderboard split would make sense.

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If the gameplay is different between the two then a split makes sense.

As a side note, I believe this site has PS4 Pro as a separate platform for this reason, so this game can be edited to show playable on PS4 and PS4 Pro. Not a big deal, just a QOL thing that can be added to the board.

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If the run is different based on the console involved, then there should be a split.

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i'm super new here, can someone explain the differences?


I am sorry, but I am against the decision of PS4 & PS4 Pro being split. The main reason why is because you should rather invest into speedrunning more rather then just going down the path of least resistance. If you care about a hobby enough to be competitive, you should be ready to invest in it and not make it easier.

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