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I agree with Draz.

LBs are for a community/the masses, not for the individual. Nobody should get a category made just because they did a run. The 2-3 runner rule is so that community want can be gauged. If 2-3 people do a run, then it shows that it at least has some traction and should be considered for an LB because more than 1 person cared to do a run. Otherwise, people can do what Draz said - do 100 random, arbitrary runs and try to get an LB made for them.

It all goes back to the saying "you don't need an LB to speedrun." Speedrun any category that interests you, and if you want it to be on the LB, try to get others involved and show them how interesting a run it can be.


Backing All ASS and Puzzles. Don't really like the majority of other category options.

I don't think Plat RTA should be on the main leaderboards next to Any% etc. Plat RTAs are unpopular and used as fun runs, very rarely optimised. I think it works perfectly well in the miscellaneous section.

I believe that categories such as All ASS and All Puzzles should end time on either killing the last AS member/sephiroth, or competing the last puzzle. I find this similar to Crown speedruns where it makes perfect sense to stop time on acquiring the crown.

If you have to do the rest of the game afterwards (Xemnas 1 and Final fights in all puzzles) I think it turns the run into a glorified any% bingo.

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@iiSalad To me personally I would put Plat RTA to CE since it's used only for fun like you said, rather than leaving it in Misc. But we'll see how it will turn out in the end.

I also I completely agree about All ASS and All Puzzles, that it should end at last member/Sephiroth and completing the last puzzle. To me doing end game brings nothing to those categories and it's just a waste of time. Although I will keep in mind that when people were doing those for fun they ended the run at Final Xemnas and I respect that decision, so we'll decide once we see how other people feel about it. Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it ! :D

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Whoa now, calling All ASS's endgame a waste of time is kinda odd to me, since it actually has somewhat unique strategies thanks to final form + the extra accessory slot we get. IMO, beating the end gauntlet in All ASS is almost as fun as the ASS themselves, and losing that would be pretty sad.

I'm obv gonna run it the way I want regardless, but I had to comment on that.

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@RioPeave Where in end game do you need Final Form if I may ask? Also with end game being TWTNW + Final Fights.

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Final form speeds up xigbar, saix and core.


@RioPeace I can see Core being faster with Final Form with the Glide mechanic. As for Xigbar/Saix it has been proven that on Xigbar it's the same speed if not slower, and for Saix it is slower definitely. Current strats is for sure the way to go. I can see maybe saving 2 Ethers on Saix but that's about it so I don't know.

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First of all, a reminder. The voting for the JJ timing will end midnight tomorrow. If you haven't voted and you wish to vote, please do so. Reminder - You must have 1 run submitted to vote.

Now, we wish to begin making the changes that were specified in Crystal's post on the KH2 Modifications & Changes thread after the JJ timing voting has ended. We have not seen any comments disagreeing with the changes we want to make to KH2FM's page, so we will apply the changes we wanted me make.

On May the 1st, submissions for the new categories will open. We will give a 3 week window for anyone to submit runs of the categories we suggested. We wish to tally the runs of the new categories. For each VOD we receive, we will allocate 1 point towards the category. Once a certain category reaches 3 points we will add it to, whether that be on the main page or the CE page.

To make sure that the process is a fair one, LB mods will only give half of a point (0.5) when submitting runs. The category ideas were made by LB mods, however we don't only want runs done by LB moderators to be on the category's leaderboard.

When you have finished a run of any of the listed categories, DM a leaderboard mod the VOD that you wish to submit. If the run is valid, we will give 1 point to the category.

All Puzzles - Timer ends on Final Xemnas All Super Bosses - Timer ends on last boss beat All Keyblades - Timer ends on last Keyblade obtained Bronze Crown - Ends on Bronze crown obtained (Any of the 3 ways is acceptable) Most Worlds - Timer ends on Final Xemnas Underdrome RTA - Timer starts when first cup is selected. Timer ends on last cup won 100 Acre Woods RTA - Timer starts when you hit triangle for the 2nd visit. Timer ends on Orichalcum+ All ASS - Timer ends on Final Xemnas No Abilities - Timer ends on Final Xemnas

Good luck running the categories and we hope you enjoy KH2FM Leaderboard Mod Team

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