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After today, the Kingdom Hearts Speedrunning community has lost a very valuable member in it's moderation. the cause?


We as a community are the reason we lost a very integral person. The lack of respect. The blatant hate. the miscommunication. All of these factors have led to this, and we only have ourselves to blame. I have made a few mistakes myself, and have found myself on the wrong side of the spectrum at times, but time after time- I realize my mistakes and do my best to correct them.

That much can't be said for a lot of people in this community. I've seen people bashing the moderators- calling them out for reasons that are beyond asinine, and overall treating them like machines rather than the humans that actually are.

These leaders works hard for us. They've done so much to give us a place to compile our information, and have it be safe- and they do the best god damn job they can to keep on top of it as well. The fact that people complain that it's not instant is insane- how can you expect people to be aware of submissions 24/7- it's impossible and ludicrous to ask that of them.

We need to show respect for these people- we need to grow as a community and remember that this is something they do out of the love for us- the community, and the games we play. I'm not saying you have to like them- because some of you have obvious dislikes for one another- but to understand each other, and treat this responsibly, because if not- I don't see us lasting much longer.. at least not in a good light anyways.

Here is a list of thing I feel could be done to better our situation- and help keep things smooth.

First, If a problem with the leaderboard is present- contact a member for the moderation. Even if you don't like some of the moderators- that doesn't matter. They are impartial moderators and will listen so long as you display yourself respectfully.

Second, when interacting with people in a public light- show some restraint. Don't be on a witch hunt where all eyes are present, because it causes undue stress for new and old people in the community, and pushes people away.

Third, You don't have to like everyone in the community- that's impossible because people are people. We are different for a reason. But, there's no reason to talk crap about them to others who have had no interaction with this person, and cause them to be ostracized. (This has happened by the way. I've seen it first hand.)

and Fourth, treat everyone with the proper respect you yourself would want in return. If you're out for blood, and want something changed- chances are that it's not going to happen and cause a backlash. Think before you act. It's a simple request and not hard to learn.

I want to see this community thrive. I want people to talk about us in a good light- because as it is, we're still that, "Drama Community," that others label us as. It's really depressing to see other communities make note of our problems as, "Another day in the KH Community." That's toxic to us- and needs to be mended.

I'm sorry for the long post- but this needed to be said, especially after today.

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This is an amazing post Kasa, has well funded arguments, overall great, but the fact that people have to do one of these from time and time again is WHAT´S WRONG, this might seem like im part of the wrong side here but we have to come to a solution. If new people that are joining the community dont understand straight away that this is a community where people need to respect each other even if you dont like them we have to make those people change or make them leave, it is as simple as that. If they dont want to follow the most simple rule of them all, I say make them leave or make them feel "unwelcome" because we, as a community, have seen that being nice to some and being welcomming people has took has to no where. People need to see this as a familly again as a place where people can respect and understand each other and not have crap (sorry for the usage of the term) like this happening over and over again.

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I agree with you, Lifion. Proper repercussions need to be taken.

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