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Dear Kingdom Hearts Community

I've personally been discussing various options with various members of the community in how we should handle the running of the leaderboards in general with the feedback from Desa's pastebin.

As such we are going to be making some significant changes to how the leaderboards operate:

Firstly we will be changing the initial mod selection process, normally it is done by the series mods with input from the game mods selecting people with the most experience in the game as well as general community activity. This has worked reasonably well but obviously it has caused some communication issues like for instance crispy being a KH3 moderator since I simply asked mods to pm me if they weren't interested rather than if they were. So in light of this from this point on new moderators will be selected under the following format for the console KH games.

1) A general need for moderators in a game is called for and the game's Supermod asks people interested in becoming mod to come forward
2) People coming forward are required to have run at least two non-arbitrary categories in the game and rank in the top 33% of the most popular category.
3) People coming forward need the backing of at least 2 other runners in the game (Can have ran any category and rank anywhere)
4) At this point a list is compiled. The supermod and other game mods are allowed to veto people with good reason which is fed back to the community.
5) A list of all potential mods will be posted on the game's forum. At this point people may vote for 3 candidates (Not themselves) provided they have ran at least 1 category.
6) Most popular candidate becomes mod or if we need 2-3 mods then the top 2-3.
7) In the case of a tie a separate run off election will be held.

We feel this solution will allow the moderator team to reflect the will of the community better, obviously this solution just can't work for the spin off games due to their community size and will retain the usual system.

The next big change to the leaderboards is the role of supermods.

This has been discussed in the past but generally supermods just do all the admin stuff and its largely just fallen upon Saiyanz since he has a natural gift for making the leaderboards looking good. However it is right that maybe having the series mods being the only one able to do these admin roles is a bad idea and as such we will be appointing one super mod per game who will be seen as the person in charge of that particular game. This person will be in charge of making sure that the moderators are reviewing submissions to the leaderboards as well as having the final say in any split decisions in terms of rule making.

To prevent the supermods from going inactive we will be appointing one series mod per game to also be a supermod just as general oversight or to fill in if the chosen supermod is inactive due to real life reasons.

Right now our current supermod list will be as follows:

Kh1: Saiyanz
CoM: Abandon
KH2: Wyatt
BBS: Rebel
Days: Drazerk
Recoded: Jel
Ddd: Rebel
0 2: Gamebrain
Kh3: 2 month wait and then decide at a later date (Game is still new as are the moderators)

These changes will be made shortly but for now I am hoping these restructuring changes will benefit the Kingdom Hearts community well.

Thanks again for your time and patience,

- Drazerk

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