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I dont understand the "consern". Sonic's run wasnt submitted because of this. Runs are skimmed through before verifying. You cant expect a mod to sit through the entire video to make sure that no skipping happens. There are roughly 10-20 runs that are submitted on any given day. Each run, usually, being over an hour long. It is ridiculous to think that a mod should have to sit through an entire run to make sure there isnt a single skip in the video. If that's the case, then we shouldnt accept runs were a person's stream went down because twitch screwed up. If you want mods to actually start doing all these ridiculous things you are suggesting in this post and in other posts, then maybe you should start paying them so it is actually a job. As of right now, all the LB mods do this voluntarily. It is ridiculous to think that they should have to spend hours, each day, to verify a couple runs.


"then we shouldnt accept runs were a person's stream went down because twitch screwed up"

Probably, yes. Missing gameplay seems like a pretty good reason to reject a run.

but yeah i agree with the thrust of the post that meticulously watching the entire thing to check for any frameskipping at all is kind of a ludicrously impractical drain on moderator time. Logistically impossible.

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I do agree with the idea that missing gameplay is sufficient reason to reject a run from the leaderboards, after all the gameplay is what is attempted to be uploaded here. I also agree that one single small skip isn't worth rejecting a run for as it could be something simple as capture card issues or computer issues possibly.

While this may seem like a dumb idea, is it possible that if a person is restreaming a run that was previously recorded off the ps4 directly and notices that there is a skip in their video, then could they make sure they mention it when uploading their time to the leaderboard? This could be viable as the runner can do this whilst the run is restreaming, taking no further time out of their day and is also helpful for the leaderboard mods in terms of directly seeing whether or not a run can be deemed valid.

This probably could have been worded better, hope the general idea gets across.


As Sonic mentioned in the other thread, we generally ask runners to run a timer during their run (which everyone does anyways so they can compare to their splits) so that when they restream or edit a timer in post they can make sure the times match up.

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you can just make your own comparisons
honestly most people watch WR when it comes to learning a speedrun.
No one cares about 2nd, or 3rd place, etc.

which is why @JHobz your arguement is invalid

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