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Hi all,

We are planning some changes to the Discord. It's a bit of a mish mash of both casual and speedrunning things.

We are going to trial the discord as being a full on speedrunning discord, a bit like the Sonic/Ratchet and Clank ones, to see if that works out for us.

This means that people that are not runners of the games will not be able to post messages into the "Speedrunning" channels unless you have been given a role to do so. This is to try and minimlise the amount of casual chatting that goes on in them, but don't worry you will still be able to read the channels so you can see any new strat videos or notes that popup if your interested.

As for the roles, I will discuss this with Draz, but while we are making these changes we will probably only be giving roles to those that have a run on Don't worry if you don't after we are done making these changes you can request a role for the game you are interested in.

We are also going to trial condesing the "Casual" chatting channels down to try since having all of those channels seems a little unnecessary when not all of them are used a lot of the time.

Me and Draz will be putting this in place soon, we will announce it when it happens.

Here's my proposal pastebin to the other mods, don't take this as 100% be all and end all this was just my ideas and we have talk through and made some changes to it:


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So as Rebel stated we have made several changes to the KH discord:

- We have consolidated most of the casual channels due to their lack of use, there is now handheld-casual and console-casual along with Chi / future games.

- We have introduced a role for each game which you may apply for in the role request subchannel

- We have introduced restrictions to the speedrunner chats so that people cannot speak in the channel without that game's role.

- We have introduced a streaming set up channel to help people with questions related to streaming rather than general KH speedrunning. This can be used by anyone.

The idea behind these changes is to help keep the main speedrunning chats as a source of information for people. As such we will be slightly stricter with the speedrunning chats from this point onward as such there will be some guidelines we hope you guys respect and follow:

- No casual discussion in the speedrunning chats, this should be obvious but stuff like "Xion dying is so sad" over and over really does make it harder to search for discussions relating to Xion DM skip as an example.

- Do not discuss other games in a channel, its perfectly fine to discuss KH2J and Kh2FM in Kh2 but too often chats involving another game can completely derail a topic and shift to that game which then in turn makes it harder to find the discussion when searching through that game's channel.

We will try to be somewhat strict with these rules and may revoke roles from people who break it if they have yet to actually do a speedrun, obviously those who have done a run of the game we will be a tad more lax with but even if we remove the role people will always be able to rerequest it unless you are otherwise banned from the KH series in general.

With that I would like to hopefully welcome people to a more functional discord

- Drazerk.

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One thing I might add as a suggestion is to make a "speedrunning-general" chat, for situations where there might be a discussion between two games. Otherwise I really like the overall changes to the discord.

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