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Are there any advance Kracko strats to beat him much faster, because he is the biggest time sink in my run.

I'd appreciate every answer.


Not sure there could be, he's just pure RNG. In my splits I called him Random Nightmare Generation. Him and DeDeDe are just very much luck based.


yep can confirm that.
did not find a way to manipulate rng there (if thats even possible) yet ^^


There isn't a manipulation for Kracko, you kind of just have to go in and hope you get good luck from Kracko


I don't know if the strategy I used is a strat that is faster than other ones but what I do is stand in the corners, because when he does that thing where he tackles you with the curve, his hitbox doesn't hit the corners. Maybe look at my speedrun and skip to the fight so you can see it and better understand it rather than my bad description.


Bluerapids12, i tried your standing in corner strat and it seems that it isnt that much faster or slower, but thank you for the suggestion.

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If you're talking about Normal Mode Kracko fights. There is nothing that we know of that can make this fight predictable. The entire Kracko fight in this mode is all about luck and execution.

If you're talking Extra Mode Kracko, again there is no manipulation to its randomness however the attacks are faster. Each attack Kracko does in Extra Mode is about 2 seconds long which means that is added time when it drops the 3 bombs. You can do what I call the 'Kracko Double Hit' where you TAS Spit a bomb on kracko dive and when kracko starts it's 2nd bombing sequence you can instant spit the first bomb and quickly grab the 2nd bomb for a 2 hit in 1 cycle. I'm looking into a more consistent start for a Triple Hit.


Out side of this, there are no known manipulations for the kracko fight. It's all luck based at the moment. Many will say they found a manipulation, but everyone that has said that has been debunked rather quickly.

Standing in the corner to make kracko float to you is actually slower, krackos swoop is about .5 - 1 second faster than the top screen fly.