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All new speedruns need to be capped to 60FPS from now on. Why?

It looks like at 55 fps and above, the physics slowly start breaking. The higher the fps, the more likely the physics will break.

At high fps bullets travel faster in Lair of Poison, and butterflies go crazy fast. The broken physics at high fps can also be used to your advantage, as shown here:

Cutscenes seems to play fastest at low fps. The higher the fps the longer cutscenes take to finish, resulting in awkward pauses between sentences. The loading finishes faster the higher your fps is.

I did notice that some animation did not fully finish at 50 fps, like the ''Where are you going, have you got the money'' animation. On 50 fps he does not tap his palm with his hand, while at 60 he taps it twice. At 120 he taps his palm 4 times.

Also, at 1000+ fps, some animations, such as parrot walking in his cage, play a lot faster than normal.

So the game doesn't seem to have a completely perfect FPS, but 60 fps seems to be a good balance.


You can do so by either enabling V-sync in your graphics card settings or using programs such as RivaTuner or Dxtory.