Hi all Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero runners 🙂 Was thinking of changing the timing method for this game. New start time would be the first frame u see Azuki and the starting level, end time would be first frame that the word BOSS and level bar disappears . Feel this would be more consistent and also easier for mods to time the game and for spliting when running. this way all runs on board will have accurate times.


I feel like starting time when you hit start on the Player 1 selection is still the way to go- especially when you consider putting a negative offset on your splits may not be accurate because it could vary on how fast you mash to skip the opening scenes. Personally, I think that's enough player interaction to warrent the start being where it is at currently. Or- as an alternative to make it easier for mod approval, we could start time on the initial fade to black after selecting Player 1 since that would still be before the need to mash to skip the opening scenes. As far as stopping time when the bar dissappears at the end- I am neutral on this one and could go either way. The combination of the alternate start time and the proposed end time would offset for the most part as well, minimally affecting existing times. Regardless, I'll be respectful and receptive to everyone else's opinions on the matter, as well as the final judgement.

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Yeah I kind of like how it is now, from start press to loss of control basically. Certainly the start would be harder to time properly as Danny said with an offset, or even doing it manually. The ending I suppose COULD be changed, but that's just gonna make all the runs longer 😃

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Good points you both have. Do believe we will keep it as stands. ty for your inputs. 🙂

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Not sure exactly where the ending is currently being timed to. My past submissions I busted out the abacus in Avidemux and counted up the frames based on what I felt was Start through last boss HP. I feel like we're closing in on each other, at least. Not interested in changing the timings, as it seems like all directions are imperfect still. The bosses can be alive with empty bars, and I time most of my splits to the name disappearing. The final input is where I time to on the final boss.
It is important that J-RTA games are sometimes timed to the THE END screen, but that may not be a popular opinion in this game.