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The leaderboard is currently a bit messy, why not use some subcategories instead?
You can do this in "Edit Game", scroll down until you see "Extra variables/subcategories", click on "New variable" and enter a name ("Characters" as a example), click on the checkbox "Use as a subcategory".
Click on "New Value" and enter the characters name ("Po" as a example), repeat this as often as you want. Now you should see some subcategories on the leaderboard.
By doing this you need to edit your previous runs so they show up in the correct subcategory.
Hope this helps!


This. I tried requesting the moderator to do it but he deleted my thread.


The old mod is inactive so I have been appointed as a new mod for this game I plan on making these changes in order to clear up the leaderboards and make them much more tidy

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