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Juke's Towers of Hell Forum  /  Way less moderation

host mod apps lol we are losing a lot of moderation and people

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True, since more moderators can make the website more efficient. However, there's also the fact that the current moderator is probably doing just fine.


Do any of you guys have runs waiting verification? And if so, has it taken awhile (ie weeks/months) for review?

Or if @IVTROYIVTROY is reading this, how's the moderation situation going? Feel free to DM me about any moderation concerns

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Yeah, I have a run waiting. Only been around 6 days.


I have my first run currently pending. I submitted it 6 days ago.


If a run is not verified after 21 days, it becomes an issue. 6 days is nothing to worry about.


me has run waiting

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