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To clarify, RTA would stay as the primary sorting method, regardless of the option that wins. Although no matter which option wins, I can easily see this being the next topic of discussion. I honestly see RTA being the primary timing method only for the time being, and as a community we'll probably decide to switch IGT as the primary method. It really comes down to thinking about if we can keep the disadvantage of unmodded players as low as possible, and if not, if the community agrees to still switch to IGT as the primary method. But for now, let's focus on the discussion at hand, at least in this thread.

EDIT: there is currently a vote to decide if IGT or RTA should be the primary timing method used to rank runners on the leaderboard, and if the vote continues with its current trend (all votes for IGT), then please ignore the above text, I am keeping it simply as a record of events.

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A common concern regarding option B, voiced by @suprix above, is that skipping cut scenes may result in timing inconsistencies due to the technology not being sufficiently developed. [b​]The main idea of option 2 is to allow people with modded xboxes to skip cutscenes without [/b​], therefore, in the event option 2 is passed, runs with the cutscene skipping would not be valid until it is demonstrated that cut scene skipping with the IGT setup and adding the time back consistently results in the same time one would have gotten if they had watched the cutscenes, which is in progress. (I agree that "time of run + (total cutscene runtime of proper language - amount of cutscenes watched) = leaderboard time" is a good solution).

Regardless if IGT or RTA is used, or if cutscenes are skippable, a modded xbox is absolutely required to be competitive at the game to be able to play on JP with Sewer Skip due to region locking as stated above. Therefore, the only new "modded privilege" that would be added would be the fact that vanilla players must sit through cutscenes while modded players do not. That said, competitive runners (who must have a modded xbox by definition), must watch more cutscenes overall than less active runners, who are less likely to have a modded xbox, simply because they are doing more runs. Skipping cutscenes would allow modded runners to speed run more effectively, with less down time and punishing resets, and collectively save time. That is not to say that unprivileged vanilla xbox / 360 runners aren't/can't be serious about the game or do many runs, but having a "good time" unfortunately has a pay gate due to the nonsensical practices of region locking, etc.

In the end, my reasoning is that I don't want to sit through the cutscenes and waste time, and since technology has enabled us to likely be able to skip them without impacting the final time of the run, why disallow it?

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Regarding timing inconsistencies for cutscenes, it is unfortunately not dead on, but it is damn close. I've tested timing the intro cutscenes on both of the xboxes I own, and yayo did the same timing test on his xbox. The results were my 2 xboxes were measured the exact same time to the frame, and yayo's xbox was 2 frames slower than mine. The test was on just over 2 minutes and 22 seconds of cutscenes out of the total of about 15 minutes that is considered skippable without affecting the game. If they continued to diverge at that same rate, thats only just over 1/5th of a second difference over all of the game's considered skippable cutscenes.

One could argue that skipping them ends up being the better solution as it'd get rid of another time inconsistency that the player has no control over, although realistically it just isn't going to matter no matter what you do with that small a margin of error.

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regarding what suprix said about there being standards for who can vote, I have to agree
reason being that my father was the captain of a club for 13 years and then like 7 random people joined and voted him off and then never came back.

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