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Time for a new category to be added:


This is a hardcore category requiring much skill and determination to complete. Every single second is gonna count as you push these tutorials to their limit and persevere to get the greatest time known to any existing human civilization.

Now you may be thinking, "wtf is this meme category get the hell outta here why hasn't TW been banned yet?"

"The Answer" is that this is not a meme category, but a category to bring in the new era of JSRF Speedrunning, and to bring more skill-based categories into the mix.

In conclusion, and now this is speaking directly to: Mr. Fingerblaster, Mr. Jabron James, Mr. UrBoyGaram, Mr. SewerSkip, and Mr. Radke. It's time to make JSRF great again, it's time to add Roboy Challenges% to the leaderboards.

Thank you for reading my thesis on why Roboy Challenges% needs to be a new category on our humble leaderboards, attached is my run to be the first one on the leaderboards.

The run:


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I'm very sorry i do not have the materials to record and make it half decent does this mean it will not count?

for further proof


I also don't know how to record w/ splits


It's okay, I'll steal WR when I play this category first try. Also, YOU DON'T EXIST.


BTW I was kidding. No video no proof.