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Hello everyone!

I'm going to share my newest addition to run the game in a new exciting way, which is Bingo JSRF.
Like every other Bingo, timer starts on the New Game button and ends when collecting the last topic of the bingo.

So far I included:
- 5 optional Characters to pick up with each row (Rhyth, Jazz, Cube, Soda, Boogie ; marked in red)
- 5 Street Challenge Specials (Dogenzaka Hill Avenue Grind, Shibuya Terminal 13 platforms, Highway 0 Wallrides, 99th Street Gate Grind, Rokkaku-Dai Heights Chimney#1 grin)
- 5 Street Challenge points (Chuo Str. 60k, Sewers 100k, Kibogaoka Hill 250k, Skyscraper 110k, Sky Dino 10k)
- 5 Street Challenge trick combo (99th Str. 50 tricks, Chuo Str. 30 tricks, Shibuya 25 tricks, Bottom Point 50 tricks, Hikage Str. 55 tricks)
- 4 Street Challenge grind combo (Sky Dino 50x, Highway Zero 15x, Kibo 20x, Bottom Point 20x)
- 1 Street Challenge air combo (FRZ 8 air combo)

This is just a work in progress file, and i want to add more goals to it, so i we will have a bingo randomizer on

My thoughts so far are:
- all 5 optional chars before chapter 9
- all street challenges added
- everything gets randomized
- every glitch allowed (out of bounds, skips, etc)

- optional character in chapter 9, like Love Shockers, Immortals, etc.

To me, this would add a new dynamic to the community, as the routing would include cool tricks, skips and glitches.

If you unlock a specific soul via a street challenge, you have to get it as well.

What do you think about it? =)

An example meme run with commentary on the first bingo ever can be found here:

Share your honest thoughts about that idea and how we, as a community, can improve it in this thread please.


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