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(work in progress)

Info :

• the points work by the first place time gives 100 points, 2nd place gives 97, 3rd place gives 95, 4th 94 and so on

• to make the leaderboard more like the GoldenEye leaderboard, milliseconds are ignored and full seconds are counted.

• if there is a time that has video / picture proof that was not submitted to, it is counted.


for more info on how this type of ranking system works, see RWhiteGooses video :

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Pretty damn cool, not a fan of the milliseconds being dropped though (I get it's to be consistent with The-Elite but it doesn't apply the same here). For some JSRF ILs the difference of .00 and .99 is very significant. For GoldenEye, a tied WR generally means the same strats were done, since the ILs are so heavily optimized, which is not the case with JSRF ILs. Of course, this is just my opinion.

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memes beside,
thank you very much for this thread OLO ❤️

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yea @Jabro i think that milliseconds matter alot in jsrf but i think it could make it more fair for points ex. all points given would be decending with very little ties where as with full seconds would be more fair in my opinion. (i also have a points leaderboard including milliseconds here note that this one does not use the 100, 97, 95 thing but instead, 100, 99, 98...)

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Can we exchange our points for Itunes gift cards?


I don't know how consoles could affect your milliseconds tho. For example PAL runs on a lower framerate, which makes frame perfect tricks easier. Also the lag on 360 does not affect RTA, which is a good thing, but may is not accurate enough. So frames seem a little bit off depending on the system you're running on. At least, thats what i think. It may only affect WR pace runs with a lot of frameboosts, which are really optimized. I would keep the second timing to score method tbh, since we really can't tell if 1 frame on OG xbox f.e. is 1 frame on 360 xbox as well. (it won't be on RTA, but lag might affect timers system depending? =))


But olo, there shouldn't be ties in the JSRF ILs scoring board because none of the runs are actually ties, The-Elite has so much competition and run optimization that ties are essentially copies of the tied run. I am mainly looking at this by how it affects the WR and runs within the same second, so perhaps it would be better if at least it is not possible to "tie" the WR and receive 100 points as well, unless it's actually the same time down to the millisecond. As times get farther from the record then I could see why points could be shared among seconds because there is some variance in the runs but they end up around the same time.

(In general, I just don't see how a low 28/29 and a high 28/29 dino dash should be regarded as the same, ya feel me?)

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