So I was thinking, hey there hasn't been a new category for a while now..

Here I present to you...
(you can either take this seriously or as a joke)

180% is a category in witch the player must be in a
180 degree position at all times.
This means there will be certain restrictions such as :

-No rip skip
-Boosting must be done on rails (Except for gouji)
-Cop fights don't really matter

Bibliography :

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Nice Bibliography now I believe there's something to this

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As official moderator i deem this category OFFICIAL AND VALID


What about AKUMU? Why is it allowed to boost on cop fights but not on him? How do we beat the game? Also, the character starts in default normal position, and when entering and leaving areas it happens in a normal skating position as well. Is that ban? Are you gonna ban the AI? And most important of all: Why is your mom not calling me back? I've been sending messages to her all week. I'm worried her ass still hurts. I know it was my fault for not stopping when she was begging me. But it's also her fault to not allow me to use lube. What is that rumor she heard about lube being bad for your asshole. She also insisted that lube wouldn't make it better. That's stupid. It worked well with your dad why wouldn't with her?

Anyways, let's forget about this category until we find a way to modify the game to have default position be 180º.

Your sincerely,

soon to be your new dad.

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