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Little surprised theres some opposition to kill combo from people who voted yes to other things, as it has no effect on anything until after you've decided to reset, and therefore never has any effect on anything for runs which make it to completion.


I don't think my vote matters or of any significance as I haven't ran in a while but I do want to show my support.

I still vividly remember the last vote (which I abstained from) and am proud of how far fuse's mod has improved since then. I do honestly prefer to keep speedrunning as vanilla as possible, but these changes doesn't take anything away from the gameplay and is actually necessary to make things more even between runners.

Regarding the Kill Combo though, I would personally prefer to see a more complex set of combinations as it is pretty convenient but I know I have definitely fat fingered it by mistake while practicing.

I will also say anyone that uses music mute is a heathen and should be ostracized but I guess we should be inclusive.

glhf gamers

[Yes] Item 1: Cutscene Skipping
[Yes] Item 2: Sewer Skip Patch
[Yes] Item 3: Input Viewer
[Yes] Item 4: Kill Combo
[Yes] Item 5: Music Mute

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[Yes] Cutscene Skipping
[Yes] Sewer Skip Patch
[Yes] Input Viewer
[No] Kill Combo
[Yes] Music Mute
I highly doubt my opinion matters, but I do want to show my support for some change in this game.


Looking at the original post, I did not make it clear that the kill combo can just be disabled at the title screen so it is inactive. I'll update the original post to make this more clear.