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Reminder that suprix could have noticed that he was softlocked and talked to soda to save himself but didn't.
Also you really should know not to enter a trigger that pushes you back if you don't know where it'll try to push you to (softlock in garage, softlock in expo stadium).
Sorry man but that's all on you.
But it's okay you're Canadian I love you god bless.

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but but but but but right trigger does not work when locked controls

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ill have you know suprix is from QUEBEC not just Canada OWNED.

to add to goldrazers post, if you have the key, you can unlock your controller to fix it

< 3 jabro

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@Sup_rix I've Only Seen That At Death Ball When You Try To Go To 99th Out Of Bounds But The Gates Block You Off So It Softlocks The Person...