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Hello! I've been watching you guys speedrun this game for a while now (amazing jobs btw). I've been casually doing it myself, and now I want to go a little more hardcore.
My goal is to get the WR for the XB360 Combo Disk version (which is the worst version, right? :D). Of course, the game is SUPER laggy at places like 99th Street.
Do you guys know of any way to combat the lag? I'm thinking of pointing the camera away from Benten Tower as much as possible, but I'm not sure...


Well since there isn't manual camera control, besides using the L trigger, you're gonna have loads of trouble avoiding the tower. You're just gonna have to deal with the lag lol.

As for the worst settings, that would be the PAL (European) Combo Disc 360. At least on the NTSC (American) version you'll be able to do Sewer Skip.

Good luck bruh. I started with combo disc on 360 too. Actually most of us did.


Avoid boosting in 99th street especially when in the laggier sections like looking towards the tower, it'll end up hurting you more.
Good luck man!