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I created an all-in-one pastebin paste detailing beginner to advanced movement options in JSRF, no skips, glitches, or warps and all that. Just from what the buttons do, to QT's , to FB's and things like that.

Feel free to recommend any essential movement I missed in this.

It's not meant to be some sort of " everything guide " , it's specifically for IL movement and teaching the basics up to the tough movement, kind of like what we always wished the actual game manual would do but really doesn't.

I will be updating it and re-writing portions here and there to make it read easier, but yeah, feel free to check it out.

Thanks goes to for teaching me the Del Transfero though cause I never knew about that one lol.

For more in-depth guides on glitches, skips, warps, and other goodies, check out the website. But if you just need the lowdown dirty guide on how to get good , this should help!

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I'm grateful to see people have been referencing the guide!

As always , you can copy and paste it, print it, literally whatever you need so long as it remains unchanged from the original, I know its kind of a pain to always go to a pastebin or maybe you're offline and can't always access the internet so saving it to a txt file could be really useful!

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