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I am quite confused as to what you are trying to explain in this video.
Everything you do and explain is how we already do the current route.
The dialogue that we skip for dark skip is the exact same that you trigger, and I understand that you are trying to explain how leaving the level or switching characters does this but why not showcase what you mean, and how it could be used for quick light, or as some people call it "light skip."

I would very much appreciate another message or even video to clarify what you were trying to show here, because I'm not quite sure to be completely honest with you.

P.S. when do you plan on doing some runs? I'd be down to race.


b...b...bbut that's not light skip then...
plus we always had the first dialogue end, we never triggered DJK's spot while the first one plays, we do the same one you do in this "backup" I have no idea what route you saw but it's wrong.


I feel like you're missing something because this still makes no sense.
We DON'T reset the dialogue by triggering the first fight since the first fight doesn't trigger until the dialogue finishes.
But even if we did it still makes no difference, which is why this is still confusing.


I just think you may have been confused on what light skip really is, that's all.


that's why we renamed it to quick light because you have to quickly get that medium tag before the dialog ends