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I recently became mod of this game and noticed some inconsistencies regarding timing. With the current rules, some existing runs are timed to fast, while others are timed to slow.

So this is an update for the timing of the NES category. I tried taking the existing rules and specifying them further down, so that it is consistent with the existing runs and for future runs, it's (even more) clear how to time.


Start: "Timing starts when the screen begins to fade after selecting Set Features." Key frame: First frame that shows signs of fading / getting darker.



End: "Timing ends when the screen begins to fade at the end of the game." Key frame: First frame that shows signs of fading / getting darker.


Calculating time between start and end frame

Now that you have the two key frames, how to measure the time between them?

  • Youtube: You can navigate with "." and "," until you find the right frames and then put them in here: https://mattbraddock.com/yt-frame-timer/ Be sure to get the right FPS and it will calculate the time between the start and end frame.
  • Video editing software: Usually some kind of timer is available which can be used to count frames or time directly. There's VSDC for example which is free and has a timer available.
  • Twitch: No direct way to do this to my understanding, download the raw video and progress using the method above.

If you're not sure about your time, don't worry, as all times will be checked in the approval process.

United States

Update to this: If you are running on emulator, you must display the frame counter. The frame counter is more accurate than the video FPS. Emulator runs will be calculated using the frame counter. If your run does not have it displayed, the submission will be rejected.

The time displayed on the 2 frames shown above will be the start and end times for your run.

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