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Is there any good way manipulate flame drop level 3-2? Its looks its usually always drop it when i break 100 000 points when i kill that enemy. If i am under 100 000 or higher than 100 000 points, its look that enemy never drop that flame happen then. Just have to break 100 000 point limit when you kill this enemy,

I watch my old run and its have some rougly over 111 000 points and its got flame drop happen with 2nd enemy. Its strongly looks points matter those drops, but its still look its not 100% happen. I am sometimes miss it even i am got 100 000 points breaking and killing that enemy.

In that video i got it 98 600 points.

Most common way pick up this is when you break 100 000 point limit when you killed this enemy (100 400 points)

Stonewheel drop in 1-2 seems also little bit point required. That not usually that frustrating one reset game here.


I am interest try beat my 11 year old run, but i want understand that game little bit better. Mostly flame drop. Its also look those boss encounters depend your points, but not sure about this.

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From what I've remember noone found consistent way to manipulate this drop. It seems to work very complicated and depends not only on your score, but also on some timer or timers, maybe on sothing else. You can get Stonewheel drop in 1-2 very consistent mostly because it's early in the game, so try to find a route you comfortable with and replicate it each run as close as possible (including boss fight). For me, most timesaves were on bosses (mostly yolo Flower fight) and some minor timesaves on stages, try to not stop the screen scrolling as long as you can. Even if you got hit by the enemy, but your hitbox center is further than enemy's hitbox center, you getting boosted forward without stopping. Oh, and charged shots speed up boss fights, it's not easy get used to them, in most cases charged + usual shot when you going up and charged + usual shot when you going down would be perfect.

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Okay thanks. I personally think flame drops not requirers any level timers or that different. Boss encounter RNG might requires level completion speed or many stuff

Flame drop seems 100% points manipulation things. I just make a lot test with differents point. As far as i can tell its best idea keep your points under 100 000 when you enter level 3-2. Its just pretty easy. You have to kill some enemys 1-1, because stonewheel required few enemy kills its fastest make level 1-1. Other levels when you pick up stone wheel. You have to avoid kill as many enemy as you can. Predator boss in 2-2 is very hard manipulate because you will always hit some little predators. IF you are under 100 000 points when you kill first "flame man) you have 2nd change take this with 2nd enemy at end.

TAS videos not explain that. But its like that flame roulutete started again when you pick up more than 111 000 points or more.
100% way miss flame drop level 3-2 = If you reach 100 000 points mark at the same time when you fight against NESSY or after NESSY will die. Then there is absolutely no hope got that drop. Many test tell that for me.

Flame drop come with next points. When enemy is killed
100 000 mean flame drop
98 600 mean flame drops
99 900 mean flame drops
100 800 mean flame drops

How ever you not pick up flame next points which break 100 000 limit after enemy kill
100 400 no flame drop my new attempts but pick up it my previous.
100 500 no flame drop

Its bit longer video test just points. Yeah its fact you cannot make that 100% skills, but its possible manipulate this drop as well if you count some points and play game with same way always. Just kill only few enemys then you points are under 100 000 but very close it when you enter level 3-2.

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Totally agree ANGEL_UNDEAD. There is not any serious and consistent way manipulate those drops in 1-2 & 3-2. Its seems when you reset game its start going little bit different. But i agree its easy manipulate those ones on emulator. Also its seems 1-1 boss fight give always little bit different points. Zero points 1-1 never are give me stone wheel.

Making those in actual speedruns. Its just easiest try and reset. At least 3-2 one. 1-2 Stone wheel required some enemy kills or hits level 1-1 IMO.

Its might be interesting hear TAS explains how this actual RNG working and boss RNG counters. This looks here is at least 10 or more different RNG per each boss fight expect 1-1 & 3-2.

I actual watch New TAS 6:31, but here is not real author comments and explains much.

By the way. At least i beat my own personal best console run with 7 more seconds. Its pending approve yet but that was mostly very decent luck with all bosses, but nothing very great encounter. Also weapons drops happen pretty weird points, so my theory not was perfectly correct.

Yeah this game is not are destined player who like are perfectonist. Endyswe run is still one most godlike ever. I think its might take some good amount attempts make gameplay and manipulations like this.🙂