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It kinda blows my mind that you're being serious, I'm not gonna lie. I like how you're just saying you'll change the categories before even asking what the people who actually run the game think.

So your solution to having mods who don't have times and categories without competition is to add another mod who doesn't have a time and even more categories? Aren't you mod for a bunch of other games you don't have a time for too? I don't run this game, but it blows MY mind why you wouldn't just try to have a normal discussion with the people who do run it instead of immediately asking for mod so you can add 8 new categories when you haven't even done a run.

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Why are you the only mod for New Super Mario Bros when your PB is 2 years old, 10 minutes slower than record, and when the game has several more active runners than just you and why are you a mod for Project Base at all?

I would say that a normal discussion involves talking to other runners about things that could possibly be improved in terms of running the game. You are kind of doing this, but just asking for mod and proceeding to talk about everything you're going to change without asking what other people think about it is taking it to the extreme. Also why do you say Yoshipro is the only active runner of this game when PvtCb is also active and even has a more recent run than him on this site?

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People realize this site has built-in sorting for difficulty, right? You don't need to make multiple leaderboards for each category.

(Jumpyluff - notice how I made a suggestion without trying to take control of the LB)

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this discussions over

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I don't really care about full game speedruns of JJR but:

Adventure Mode (difficulty) and Speedrun Mode (difficulty) are the category names (I imagine) because of the leaderboards at the end of the game are in those game modes (and those specific difficulties).

I highly doubt someone would do an "All Stars" run over a 100% run which is also not very desirable to do due to the way it works (you essentially have to replay every level at least twice).

"This adds a whole new layer of gameplay for speedruns." Not really. 100% would be a joke of a speedrun (Have you actually tried doing 100% game completion? You have to intentionally slow pace a lot of the stuff.)

Keep in mind, not everyone needs to use because there's already in game leaderboards to compete with. The only thing tracked in the ingame leaderboards is how fast you beat the game, which drives all the competition to be in an any% format.

JJR doesn't really need a profile due to the in game leaderboards, but it's used as a way to share replays of your times that are on the leaderboards.

Pennsylvania, USA

I think the main point you're missing is that there's literally zero reason for you to be in charge of this leaderboard.

I don't mean to dent your pride, but this site doesn't really require "experience" to operate - it's a spreadsheet. If you have suggestions, suggest them. Capitalizing the game correctly is a fair idea, albeit minor, but it can be done in 2 seconds without handing over the keys to someone who has never ran the game.

Regardless of whether or not you think a category would be fun, there's no need to make a leaderboard for it if no one has ran it yet, and there's no reason to make a random person supermod in order to add a category.

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I've looked at this thread and talked with Glaedr about this and while some of the changes you've suggested are totally reasonable, most are much less so.

I find it absolutely ludicrous that your first demand is to have supermod, especially since it doesn’t look like you’ve even done a run of the categories you are proposing. If you want supermod of the game, play it and get good times for ILs and RTA runs. Hell, prove that you play the game at all. I can't recall seeing your name in the Top 10 of any of the levels or you streaming the game. Additionally, given how active you are on the site and how drastic your ideas for changes were I'm exceedingly hesitant to give you the power to change the entire leaderboard without consulting anyone.

You say that the current state of the leaderboard discourages competition, but I completely disagree. JJR has one of the best in-game leaderboards I’ve seen, which is where the vast majority of the competition is. What you're proposing is basically turning the leaderboard into a giant chart and giving equal weight to all categories, even ones that are arbitrary and/or unrealistic to run. This stifles the actually competitive categories and seems like a ploy by you to just get a large number of World Records¤~¤ regardless of how meaningless the actually are.

As for the name, I’ve changed the capitalization but I get an error when trying to change the abbreviation.

Next time you have an issue with how a community records its times, do some basic research and talk to runners who are more experienced before you barge in with uninformed demands. You’d save yourself and everyone else some trouble.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I'm fine with more categories existing, but you actually need to do runs of them before they're added to the leaderboards.

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You know you can run games and submit times to leaderboards without needing to be a supermod for them, right? Just because you run a game doesn't mean you need to be a mod for it lol

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