Laser skip
8 years ago

Hi everybody !

I discovered Jumpjet Rex few months ago, and I found a solution to skip laser. Here's the thing :

  • When you jump on ennemies with electric shields, you die. And the game is advising you to use the tail's skill to kill them. It sounds logical, but when you think about it, this is technically possible because our Dinosaur has some kind of invicibility frame when using his tail. And this is why You survive and kill ennemies, instead of being killed.

  • So I conclude maybe this "invicibility" could also work with lasers. And guess what ? It does ! You just need some training to find the good timing, but you can skip lasers, instead of waiting them to be down.

I don't know if that skip is really useful on easy runs, because of the "taking damage abuse", but on the normal mode, I'm almost sure you can reduce precious seconds.

Thx for reading. Here's the video to show the skip :

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