Cutscene and Dialog Fast Forward Glitch
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Cutscene and Dialog Fast Forward Glitch
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I experienced a glitch where after killing the first security droid on kasshyk i tried to scan it and activate the door at the same time. After activating the door the cutscenes all ran fast forward even the radio chatter.

I looked it up and i only saw another reddit post about it. I know you can’t skip cutscenes so maybe this can help you guys. I have a clip i can upload to show it. I haven’t booted the game since last night to check if it happened again

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United States

If you’re on PS5, the cutscene fast forward is a known glitch.

If you were able to do this while still having game audio, or if you did it on any other platform other than PS5, we’re very interested in seeing any clips you have.

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