Puzzle Piece Locations

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This is a list of puzzle piece locations needed for the good ending and credits of the game.

Star Park stage 5
The puzzle piece door is in the first room just before the next section, under some platforms. Use Marine's stretch to cross the gap when going along the ceiling to reach the door.

Lost World stage 4
The puzzle piece room is above the exit door for the stage. Need to jump to the left wall without downwards momentum when you cling to the wall, which allows for rounding the corner of the wall and the lower ceiling.


Ninja Western stage 4
In the first room there will be a crack in the wall that can be passed through. Continue right via riding the enemy projectile, using York's dash, or using Schenna's slow fall to reach a door to an extra area. The puzzle piece door will be at the top of the third waterfall.

Wonder Space stage 4
Using Carm in the pipe maze room from the start, take the following path:
Right, right, right, up, left, up, up, right, right, down, down using Carm's ability to slip through thin floors
Clipping strat video by JkL

Crazy Ocean stage 3
The puzzle piece door is below the starting door of the stage.

Motor Maze stage 4
The puzzle piece door can be found in an upper path just after the checkpoint of the stage. The orange blocks require York's dash or Ed's bombs to break through.

Gimmick Woods stage 3
The puzzle piece door is reached by going over the trees and across the crumbling block path. York's dash and Schenna's slow fall can easily reach this path.

Dark Palace stage 4
The puzzle piece door is found in the first room, just right of the normal room exit. York's dash is needed to both break the orange blocks and to cross the gap found beyond the blocks.
Slightly faster clipping strat by JkL

Dark Palace stage 5
The puzzle piece is automatically given after beating the boss of the stage. If you already found the other pieces you will immediately be sent to the true final boss's stage. It is faster to reset after grabbing the piece since the puzzle piece cutscene and the area clear sequence both have to play out otherwise.

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