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Hi. Im totally a casual player, not a speedrunner. This happened to me few years ago and if I remember correctly, I skipped whole fight with Krew. All I remember is that he clipped through the floor at the start of the fight. I just wanted to know if you guys ever thought that this fight is skippable. I sometimes watch speedruns from this game, and I still dont see anybody skipping this fight.

This is not a troll, just wanted to know your opinion about this and share this info.

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yea this has been known for years but it is extreamly rare (id buy a lottery ticket if that happened to me)
we have seen it happen fromsomeone who was shooting him into a wall with a yellow gun and from dark jak.
if you got it in a different way then that would be super cool
yellow gun -
Dark Jak -


ye he clipped like in these videos. But the difference is- I did nothing. As I remember, he clipped through floor right after the first cutscene ended, so I didnt have to hit his 1/3 life bar. I have no idea how I did that, I didnt use any glitches, all done in casual way.

Maybe its just a lottery as you said, and he needs to be in a specific position.

I was playing the game on my ps2, PAL version of the game.


Wow that's crazy! I definitely believe you given that you described it exactly as we understand it. The only real lead we have is that we can kind of replicate the effect on emulator by locking him in place so that his animations don't work properly. It may be something to do with him getting knocked in a certain way or something along those lines. To know that it can happen right at the start of the fight is super interesting as that would save even more time than the known ways it can happen and may be possible to set up.

Do you know whether it was your first attempt at Krew or you died a bunch of times to him first? I ask because enemy behaviour can change a bit after multiple deaths.


I think it was my first attempt.

This is kinda hard to replicate because this is so RNG based. I dont know if he spawns only in one place or in random places. But you know, this happened to me few years ago, and if noone had this situation to this day, then it can be super rare to happen.