How to Start Your Runs

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Starting from a new game file:

1. Make your new game file (make sure play hints are turned off in the main menu).
2. Reset your console during the intro cutscene to skip it.
3. When the console boots up, load your new file and pull out your memory card once the screen fades to black.
4. If the card was taken out at the correct time then the "memory card was removed" message will popup while Jak is still inside the portal.
5. Start your timer the instant you cancel the screen. In other words, start your timer and press X at the same time.
6. Your run has now begun! Note that if you reset while in Geyser, you will need to load to a separate game file and then load back to your original file if you want to start a new run. This is because the load time from Geyser Rock to Geyser Rock is very fast and will thus result in the "memory card was removed" message popping up at an incorrect time. Sandover Village to Geyser Rock is the fastest load that gives you the correct position, but a file from any other area will work as well.

Additional notes:

• If you save in your run, it is recommended that you save to a different file so that you do not have to repeat the process of making a new file over again. Likewise, your 0% file should not be in the first save file slot if you do this, as this is the slot the game defaults to when saving for the first time.
• If you are doubtful of whether or not your "memory card was removed" message is popping up at the correct time, simply compare to a run that has already been verified so you can know for sure.
• Finally, please keep in mind that PS2 runs that do not use this timing method will be rejected if submitted.

Video explaining how to start runs on PS2:

¤Make sure play hints are turned off in the main menu when you make a new file¤

After creating a new game file, save and load from that file to a different one while Jak is still INSIDE the portal in Geyser Rock. Once the new game file is loaded, start your timer and begin the run.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want your run to be accepted on the leaderboards, you MUST show yourself saving from your base file with Jak STILL INSIDE the portal before you load your new file. This is because saving and loading while Jak is outside of the portal (i.e while he is visible on the screen) actually locks certain elements of gameplay that would normally be RNG, giving a significant and unpredictable time advantage, and is thus against leaderboard rules.

Video showing how to start runs on PS4 (by Boomer):

Video showing how to start runs on PS3 and PSVita (by Boomer):

Other notes:

¤Be aware that you can use the same base file to save and load to new files so long as the base file remains 0% and loads with Jak inside of the portal.

¤Runs on PS2 must continue to use standard timing (mem card screen). Runs done on PS2 that use PS3/PSVita/PS4 timing will be rejected if submitted.

¤Replacing your hard drive with an SSD on PS4 is allowed.