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Hello, don't know if anyone's reading this, but if they are, all four Jak games recently got patches on PS4. I don't know precisely when they dropped but I checked for outstanding patches on my PS4 titles two nights ago and all four games had them pending. The one for Precursor Legacy says "Update to Greatest Hits version" while the others simply say bug fixes. Is that the PS3 version? I understand it fixes bugs the PS2 and PS4 versions use in their runs. What about those patches that just say "bug fixes" ? Did they fix anything relevant for runs?


The greatest hit isn't the ps3 version, although it's the same version used on the HD collection for the ps3.

The greatest hit is simply a re-release of the games at a cheaper price for the ntsc regions.

As far as speedruning is concerned; jak 1 can't do citadel skip anymore which is used in all main categories so it's suboptimal to play on that new version.
Jak 2/3 have little to no changes on greatest hit so it's no issue.

Check Boomer's videos for more info :

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Terrific, thanks for the info!