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Hey, this was one of my favourite games to play when I was younger, and have just gotten into trying to get a good speedrun for it. Any tips are welcome!

I have also been trying to find any useful glitches, there don't appear to be any 🙁, but I will let you guys know if I find any.

Anyway just wanted to say hello.

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im glad to see im not alone in saying jade empire was their fav childhood game. Glitches were hard to come across. the game is made pretty well. as for tips the easiest way to lose time is on the combat sections, practice combos to make them as quick as possible. the game is pretty linear so the rest is just optimizing movement and making the right choices 😃


My favorite game as well. I do not have even a mediocre PC though. I would love to speedrun the Xbox version when it's compatible with Xbox One.
You guys think Xbox One could be added as platform if it ever becomes compatible?


youd have to ask the mods about that

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