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8 years ago
Małopolskie, Poland

Since the game doesn't have much to offer, what about making any% and all gems% categories?

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I agree.

Also, the current category "beat the game" should be renamed to "any%" just to stick to conventions.

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Nebraska, USA

the "beat world 1" ect shouldn't be there at all. Categories that don't go through the whole run aren't really categories.

Something simliar to this issue was the "trevor%" when GTA V first was being speedrun. It wasn't a full game category and the opted to not use it at all in the categories.

also madsen's right about the Any% rename

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Since I've been given mod privileges I assume PhoenixRiku is OK with me reorganizing and renaming the categories a little.

"Beat the game" is now "any%" and "All Gems" remains "All Gems" unless someone has a better suggestion — I guess it's technically 100%, so we could go with that to keep it consistent with other games.

The "world X" categories now reside under ILs. (Yeah, it's still not ideal but I think we should keep them since PhoenixRiku appears to be interested in running them.)

I've also added a new IL category: "Best Time (Collect Gem)". Should be pretty self-explanatory.

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