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So, recently I've done a lunatic run, but I started from fresh savefile:

Maybe add this as a new category (TrueLunatic%) ?

Also, unlike any% you can play on easy mode during the game clear split, because you would still unlock extra/lunatic.

At first glance, it might seem this is just a category that adds extra hour to lunatic%, but there are some differences like you have to do extra boss and you don't have a +9 pistol (you get only up to +6 if you don't farm), which makes final boss a bit more challenging (and imo a bit more fun).

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Hey, sorry it took so long to get back to this. I spoke with Wolsk a while ago and we both thought it was fine, and Gpalm seems cool with it too.

I just wanted to ask to confirm on the category name. Considering this is starting from scratch, would "True End%" or Any% (Lunatic) be better? We can stick with "True Lunatic%" if you prefer, but I figured I would check.

You can stick with True Lunatic%.

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Ok, added the category now.

Hey, I decided to ressurect this thread with a relevant subject - I pushed the skill ceiling of the game once again and did a 100% run (except stat achievements):

Maybe this should also get a category (100%)? Rules would be something like "Beat the game, while getting all non-stat achievements. Game must start from a fresh file. Time ends when you get the final non-stat achievement(s). After finishing a run, you must show the missing stat achievements in the top left corner of the museum. In case of finishing the run in the museum you must also reenter it before showing."

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