Before people can submit runs
6 years ago
Värmland, Sweden

We need to do these things before we can start speedruns

  1. This is a Co-op game, meaning that we need to also have to add our partner when submitting the run. (Which we can't do yet)

  2. Possibly have IL categories as well: Stage 1 and 2

  3. Be more specific with the rules (Timing starts when pressing 1, timing ends when "Co-op 2 Clear!" appears.)

  4. May have to rename Any% to Co-op% to be more specific.

Thanks! -Emik

Edited by the author 6 years ago
Colorado, USA
  1. done
  2. let me know if this is really necessary
  3. done
  4. if co-op is the only way to beat the game, then any% is accurate
Värmland, Sweden

Forgot to mention that the platform should be PC, not web. Also thanks for changing it!

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