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In the interest of making this leaderboard as comprehensive as possible, I'm starting a thread where all those of us who don't have permission to add any runs we find can submit them to be added by one of the moderators!

This thread is meant for documenting OTHER people's runs that you find so they can be added by a mod. If you want to submit one of your own runs, you can just do that by logging in, then going to the game's leaderboard and clicking "Submit your run" in the top right of the screen.

I will edit this post to include any runs you submit, and it will be a working list of runs to be added to the official leaderboard. In your post, just include the name of the runner, a link to the run, and the the time.

Mod Note: If you see [ADDED] next to your submitted time, then it was accepted and it's on the boards!

I Wanna be The Showdown:
14m35s by Fate: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Churatch:
44m48s by Fate: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Catharsis:
1h12m14s by Fate: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna Uhuhu Spike:
7m49s by Peranche: "" [ADDED]
13m48s by GeoGeo222: "" [ADDED]
15m36s (10m52s In-game time) by Goranclinton: "" [ADDED]
24m13s by Fate: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna Uhuhu Spike 2:
7m48s by ちるかし:

9m16s by 你要青春有毛线: [ADDED]
11m25s by のえる:
13m41s by 小恶魔a17 [ADDED]
14m46s by syena4 [ADDED]
20m49s by GeoGeo222: "" [ADDED]
22m28s by Fate: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna Uhuhu Spike 3:
14m49s by 周小阳: [ADDED]
48m39s by GeoGeo222: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Venus:
8m37s by 你要青春有毛线: [ADDED]
10m33s by GeoGeo222: "" [ADDED]

Draw My Guy (any%, no drawing allowed):
3m49s by GeoGeo222: ""
(Kappa) [ADDED]


Here's another batch of times that I've scoured from the reaches of the internet.

I Wanna Get Cultured:
59:51 by Maxinator: [ADDED]
1:04:05 by CosmicSense: [ADDED]

I Wanna Bread:
13:09 by Stinkycheeseone890: [ADDED]

I Wanna Stop the Meltdown(any%):
59:04 by Stinkycheeseone890: [ADDED]

I Wanna Sunspike:
15:56(to boss) by Stinkycheeseone890: "" [ADDED]
18:03(to boss) by Maxinator: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna Uhuhu Spike 3:
1:16:31 by Valioa: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna Uhuhu Spike 2:
29:46 by Valioa: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Catharsis:
1:57:18 by Kale: [ADDED]

I Wanna Get the Yellow Star:
15:42 by Jumpyluff: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna Kill the Guy:
43:46 by KSC: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Churatch(100%):
1:37:43 by Maxinator: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Resistance:
46:04 by Paragus: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna See the Moon(difficult mode):
2:26:00 by Fate: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Galaxy:
32:40 by Raysen: "" [ADDED]
37:23 by Sunbla: "" [ADDED]
38:10 by tenshots: "" [ADDED]
42:20 by Zurai: "" [ADDED]
true end:
1:27:13 by tenshots: "" [PENDING]

I Wanna be the Fangame:
29:10(any%) by Stinkycheeseone890: "" [ADDED]
56:00(any%, glitchless) by Swordslinger: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Archfoe 3:
6:21 by SandSky0: "" [ADDED]
11:34 by Hector: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Convallaria Majalis:
20:24 by Jumpyluff: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Biginner 2:
3:04 by Jumpyluff: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna Listen to Electronic Music:
22:55 by Jumpyluff: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Four Seasons:
42:07 by Jumpyluff: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the Flying Spike:
8:56 by Geogeo222: "" [ADDED]
16:16 by Fate: "" [ADDED]
39:30 by Jumpyluff: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna Learn the Numbers:
9:43 by Jumpyluff: "" [ADDED]

I Wanna be the 8-bit:
27:13 by tenshots: "" [PENDING]

I Wanna be the Insanity:
9:22 by L-Kid: "" [PENDING]

I Wanna be the Prism(100%):
39:20 by Sunbla: "" [ADDED]

I wanna be the DADADADADADADA:
6:53 by Pandy49: "" [PENDING]

I Wanna be the Cute Duck:
24:15 by Pandy49: "" [ADDED]


Since this game is now on the leaderboards.

I Wanna Trick Or Treat:
7:30 by IPECACMAN ""

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