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(Dates - 25th-28th March)

There should be a full information thread here soon. I just thought I'd explain where we're at.

As Planks can't make it, we're just looking at how much tech we can use and setup for the event and who can run tech. Once this has been sorted, we're going to get full details from Multiplay and all will be posted here.

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Nice to see we're actually ahead of the game this time around. I hope this goes through as planned so I can attend.


Sweet, I'm on break during that timeframe so I should be able to make it.

i'm a fall asleep in fields again it'll be great


Is this one looking more likely to happen than i56? Really want to go this time around if I can.



It's pretty likely, but I would hold off on booking anything until I can confirm which shouldn't take much longer. Once we have tech sorted, the event is golden


Nice, I'm already going to i57 and this sounds great.

So what do you guys do at the event? Do you have your own stall in the exibihition hall?


Really looking forward to this if it's a thing. Looking forward to hearing more info, too


PoHobi I've been exhibiting our games the past 6 or so I think and we missed the last one sadly but think we will be back again this time.


What is actually needed in terms of tech? If its literally just TVs, cap cards, webcam, a mic or 2 etc I could bring a few things along. I mean, worst case, someone brings a laptop to stream off of, 1 TV to play on, a cap card, a web cam and a mic and then it can at least happen right. Not exactly elegent, but for a small event I don't see what's wrong with that.


I've got a decent computer that could be used for streaming, got a HD cap card, and a HD webcam that was used last insomnia.

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"I would hold off on booking anything until I can confirm which shouldn't take much longer."
¤4 weeks, 1 hour ago¤

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How golden is the event looking right now?

I wanna know if I should keep my hopes up or arrange doing something else Easter weekend 🙂

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Sorry for the slow, but we basically have a completely scrubby tech setup right now Insomnia is going to want something more. I will let you know.

For you guys complaining about me saying that, if I had just told you to book you might be in a much worse spot.

update: getting final word now from multiplay. Will let you guys know hopefully today.
Once I get confirmation from Planks that he can do i58, I'm going to fucking 100% solid book that in and get started on it.

Really sorry for how these last events have gone. Their fuckup for 56, and not enough tech for 57 (all our backups fell through too) causing troubles. If 57 doesn't happen, I want to apologise again and thank you for your patience.

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No problem, I would prefer to know that it's more likely not going to happen than not knowing at all - if it can't happen then it can't happen so there's no need getting in tiswas about it. 😃

I think a few of us felt like we weren't getting through to you on several mediums so it's nice to just have anything to be honest.

Looking forward to i58 if it does happen and maybe even have a meetup in London if i57 falls through?

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Thanks for the update on the scene, Flicky. Don't really have anything to add over what Henneko said but just wanted to show that I have been keeping eyes out on this. Just gotta keep trying until we get another event.


Regarding not getting through to me:

The reason I didn't respond was because I felt like I was always just a day away from having a confirmed answer and so just waited on it. Obviously that wasn't the case and it was the wrong decision for me to make, so sorry on that front - I take full responsibility for it.

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Such a shame it's not likely to happen at easter I was really looking forward to meeting up with y'all again. Still, thanks for the updates at least, flick'


I can get real feisty sometimes... sorry you had to see that side of me 😕

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