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I've seen the lack of rules around this game. I set up my own segments (which I guess doesn't matter because the full time of the run is counted and no segments).
But I'm confused as to when to start the timer and when to end it. So when I did my run I just went by my own and they were:
1. As soon as you press Enter/A on the first chapter that's when the run begins.
2. The run ends the second time you hit the wood as the blob.

If you guys are curious about the start and end of the segments I used I can gladly tell them.
But yeah I feel like there should be rules on this speedrun page as there aren't any.

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If you take a close look, first runners who submitted runs started and ended their runs on first and last input, so that's basically what you said in your post.

The thing is the actual mod created the page, and then went to SGDQ, so he just didn't have time to care much more (the game's page still doesn't have picture).

Let's wait his entire comeback for the moment. If you have more questions, feel free to meet us on Discord.


On the discord I suggested we start the timer when we press a button when the INSIDE title screen with the first checkpoint is loaded and end the timer the blob crashes through the woodplanks; for the alternate ending the timer could end when the plug is pulled out of the wall. I haven't heard confirmation fo many yet but those who saw it thought this was reasonable. I'm open for other suggestions though.


There's a discord?


We had a few discuss about rules in speedrun-routing section. Seems we're clear about ballsack% ^^ since runs have already been admitted. Concerns were more about all orbs, don't hesitate to take a look at discord for more info.