First Ending Route (Outdated)

By JDLMJDLM. Last updated

It is highly recommended to have airplane mode enabled to make the infinite money glitch much faster and easier

Start time when pressing "Start Bloodline" (must be from a clean reset)
Dodge combo first enemy, then block break the rest
Pick up money on left to proceed (be careful not to softlock here)
Hit info button then fight second enemy
Parry combo him, then block for the rest
Open chest
Infinite money glitch with rings to get 700,000-800,000 gold, buy fire circle, use it to get 500,000 for infinity blade, equip them
Go right
Kill large monster with one hit after block break
One hit KO next enemy with block break
Kill next enemy with one hit after block break
Fight large machine enemy with two scratches, hit once with a block break, then hit with one scratch before it backs up
Go up rising platform
Block break Batman twice, hitting once each time
Mash center of screen to start God King fight
Use magic and draw a circle to instantly kill him
Time ends when it says "Victory!"