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So I noticed that my time on the PAL leaderboards got verified as a 1:00:12 (this being IGT) as opposed to the 1:03:16 I submitted as RTA.

Both of these times are real, so there's nothing wrong about the times themselves. However, I've noticed that using In-Game Time as a reference for this game might not be the best thing, as the timer seems to not be accurate enough.

This last PB I submitted, 1:03:16 RTA, had an IGT of 1:00:12 (http://puu.sh/j0o3r/58adea9df1.jpg)
My previous PB (that I didn't submit here), 1:03:28 RTA, ALSO had an IGT of 1:00:12 (http://puu.sh/j0o1o/f08f745f7e.jpg)

So I think it'd be better to have RTA as the main time to show, rather than IGT. The thing is, in these boards you can show both RTA and IGT as reference times and this is probably the best idea to do (but still having RTA as the main one), hopefully it's something easy to change~

That's all :3

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First of all, sorry for the late reply!

I understand your concern with the IGT. As not many people were running this game I haven't really tested anything. The time difference being only 12 seconds, do you think it could be because of a variance in skipping cutscenes?

I've have been thinking we should make a category specifically for this run since it's the only version able to use superjump, as far as I know.

Anyway, I don't mind changing it. I'm actually the only active mod as far as I know (I had to request mod on the main forums to even submit a run). I'm also authorized to add moderators, so If you'd like to be an Ico mod as well, you're more than welcome too.


Hey! No problems about the late reply, I'm doing the same right now, haha.

The time difference could be something about cutscenes, but I'm not sure if it'd be that or something else, I'll try to see if I can find something more 😛 in the meantime I think it'd be enough to just list both RTA and IGT on the leaderboards.

Thanks for changing the categories, by the way! They look a lot better now~
Also I wouldn't mind being a mod for this game 😃 thanks a lot!!


I added you as a mod. Also, glad to see others running this game~

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