Ico PS3 Any% Speedrun Tutorial Videos (For Beginners)

By SanchoPandaSanchoPanda Last updated

These 6 videos divide the game into 6 easy to practice segments, that avg about 15-17 minutes each portion of the run for a goal IGT of 1 hr 45 min or less. The vids are closer to 30 minutes each because of careful explanations of how to do certain skips and why they work.

Segment 1 - New Game to Graveyard Bench

Segment 2 - Graveyard to Stone Pillar Exit

Segment 3 - East Area (Reflector) to Waterfall Entrance

Segment 4 - Waterfall to Water Tower Exit

Segment 5 - West Area (Reflector) to Main Gate

Segment 6 - Hanging Jails to Queen Stab (plus final Beach run)

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