Enlightenment Run Trophy Guide (and tips)

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Trophies That You Get Just by Beating the Game:

1- Rescue: Rescue Yorda
2- Failure: Watch the cutscene of the failed escape at the main gate (you can actually skip the cutscene, since the trophy is awarded by returning to the courtyard area after pulling the torches)
3- Armed and Ready: Get the sword that is stuck in E. Arena door
4- East Gate: Open the East Gate
5- West Gate: Open the West Gate
6- Farewell: Say good-bye to stick (and Yorda at bridge separation)
7- Royal Arms: Get the Queen's sword
8- Emancipation: Beat the game

Trophies That You Get with Extra Effort

FIRST PLAYTHROUGH (Starting by selecting "new game")
9- Spiked Club: Get the mace in the hidden area of the water pump section (You must do this on the first playthrough or the shining sword will not be there for 2nd playthrough)

SECOND PLAYTHROUGH (Starting with "continue" from the final save of last game)
10- Shining Sword: Get the lightsaber in the hidden area of the water pump section
11- Split the Watermelon: After the credits, bring a watermelon to Yorda to trigger the hidden ending (hoping is faster than walking)

12- Benchwarmer - Save at all benches in the game (See all locations below. Also and be aware of Yorda placement. Leading her right to where she should sit can save time.)
13- Unscathed Escape - Clear the game without viewing a game over screen (if you do die, you can quit out and restart from last bench save to still get the trophy, so if you are worried about dying it is recommended to do this at the same time you do benchwarmer trophy)
14 - Express Journey - Beat the game in under 4 hours (can get at same time as Castle Guide, so no worries here)
15 - Castle Guide - Beat the game in under 2 hours (For less experienced runners, it is recommended to learn speedrun strats and focus on this trophy for the NG run [but don't forget the mace!] and Benchwarmer/Unscathed Escape for the NG+ run. For more experienced runners, it is possible to earn Castle Guide, Benchwarmer, and Unscathed all in the NG run.)
16- Enlightenment - Get all of the above trophies.

Bench Locations:
Old Bridge - At the bridge, before it breaks, after you first save Yorda.
Trolley 1 - In a room below the trolley tracks.
Trolley 2 - After the trolley ride.
Crane - After getting Yorda off the crane, before the Chandelier room.
Main Gate - To the left of the Main Gate exit
Graveyard - At top of steps in graveyard area
Windmill - At top of ramp to the right of the Idol Doors at Windmill area exit
Stone Pillar - Located right before Yorda moving platform puzzle
East Area - In the first room of East Arena
East Reflector - Outside the back of East Arena, opposite direction of the ladder (easiest bench to miss)
Waterfall - After watermill puzzle, while traveling down to the Idol Doors below. On your left, after the bridge.
Gondola - After going up the first elevator in this section, before the moving ladder puzzle.
Water Tower - After leaving the Gondola section.
West Idol Stairs - In the second room of West Arena area. (The Benchwarmer trophy should show up as you save here, but there are reports that it doesn't show up until the beach, so be aware of that.)

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