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A new World Record in the 1st Place category was just submitted recently by Dylan8404, a time of 5:27.680 (in reality it was a few seconds less even, because he stopped the timer late, but I won't bother to fix the time in this case). That time is obviously a major jump from any time achieved previously, and it's because as shown here

in his run, the game ended without all of the games being played, because everyone left besides 3 people.

Dylan obviously didn't do anything wrong, it's not like he cheated. But because of the unfairness of this, I'm going to have to reject the run and add a new rule saying that for the 1st Place and Finish categories, you have to completely play through all 8 games.

The reason this is an issue, and the reason I have to do this is probably obvious, but I'll give a short explanation anyways. If we allowed runs that ended early, it completely takes away the skill of actually being good at the game and makes it entirely reliant on nothing but how quickly the people in your game leave. There could also potentially be a problem in the future where people get a party in the game and have all but 3 leave as soon as it started, finishing with ridiculous times like 1 second, and of course we can't have that, as it goes completely against the point of the game.

The "Place In All Minigames" and "X Stars" categories will remain unchanged by this rule, because if a game were to end early in those categories, it wouldn't cause any real issues.

I had thought of the possibility that this could happen before, but I never made a rule about it because I just thought it would never happen. Kinda lazy on my part, and I'm sorry about that, but at least we've got it figured out moving forward, and that's probably the last new rule we will ever need to add to this game.


Ah i see Dylan is trying to beat my world record. Good luck 🙂

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