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Duels would be a cool addition as people could see how fast they could win a duel or how fast they could lose a duel 🙂.

Note: Duels is not yet an actual game on, so I mean that you should request the game and THEN add it to the hypixel series 🙂


Category: Whichever gamemode of duels, skywars, sumo, etc.
Sub-Category 1: Win, Lose, Kill (for team modes)
Sub-Category 2: Solo/Team (and other amounts of players where applicable)
Sub-Category 3: Void% (Can use void for kills/dying), Sword% (Must use sword for the kill or when getting killed), Bow% (Must get the kill with a bow, or die to a bow)
Sub-Category 4: No-Party, Party

Obviously this is a lot of categories, and of course there could be EVEN MORE, such as achieving streaks or something, which would be really cool. I don't really know if there is a limit to the amount of categories and sub categories you can have, or if its a good idea to have so many categories, but I think that this could be a really fun thing to speedrun!

If you have any better ideas for the category setup, then let me know!

By the way, I would be completely willing to mod this game and write up all of the rules and do all of the category creation. If you are a mod and think this is a good idea like I do then you can msg me on discord Octahedron#5752 or reply to this thread 🙂