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You know how the rules on NG+ Any% say that you can use cheats? Well, I noticed that in your (srakso99's) NG+ Any% runs you never use cheats. This made me realize something, though. I think that there should be a new run category added called, "NG+ Any% (Cheats)". This would make more diversity in how a person would want to run the game. I personally like to run NG+ Any%, but with cheats (my current run on the leaderboards in NG+ Any% is without cheats, since you didn't use them). I like NG+ with cheats because of tricks that you can do with the Quantum Cannon, i.e., On Mission 10 you can use it to shoot through the wall that is only supposed to open after you meet Otto and get to the rocket. This saves a ton of time and skips two cutscenes. But the point is that I don't want the cheats runs to get mixed with the no cheats NG+ Any% runs, you know? But if you want to keep cheats and no cheats NG+ Any% runs mixed together, I guess that's fine, I would just prefer two different categories for cheats and no cheats.
[Example below]

-NG+ Any%

-NG+ Any% (Cheats)

-All Challenges



I made NG+ Cheats as a Misc. category. 🙂

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does PC mean(or include) playing on dolphin(emulator)?


I believe PC and emulator are different. If you have a physical HWVX disc that you put into your PC and play, then you just have the PC version. If someone wanted to submit a run of HWVX on an emulator, they would select what version of the game they are emulating (PC, GameCube, or PS2) and then check the "emulator" box. I'm pretty sure that's what someone would have do.


Can we get ILs for collecting the gears+key in each joyride level? Also, maybe ILs for individual missions/challenges?


Yeah I agree, it'd be nice to have Joyride collectibles, Missions, and Challenges as their own ILs.


Could my two IL runs get verified? Must’ve slipped by the mods somehow.


You probably noticed on my submission to NG+ Any% (Cheats), my video didn't have sound. I uploaded it again to my channel and its got sound now, is there any way the video linked to the run can be changed to the one with sound? I'm happy to resubmit it if need be.

Edit: I found where I can edit runs; all I did was change the video link, thx in advance


Could we get those Joyride ILs added? It would probably look something like Joyride: Monument City, etc. I have a very fast Monument City Joyride that I will be uploading regardless. If the category is added, the timing should start when you hit Enter to make the pop-up box disappear. (A box pops up in every Joyride at the start that says what you have collected, so you can wait on that screen as long as you want, and then when you hit Enter the timing starts). This would also make the category the same for all console versions and the PC version, because there are no load screens involved. I highly suggest this. If you don’t feel like doing this, you can appoint me as a mod and I will add them.

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