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Ok, so I wondering what should be done if someone playing this game were to discover a huge gamebreaking glitch / exploit on a track. Would it be accepted on regular leaderboards? Or would it have its own category? Or just not allowed? Also what would be the fate of the full-game leaderboard?

I personally believe that if a glitch like that were to be discovered on a track it should have its own glitch category, as well as the full-game leaderboard.

Also, there are tougher difficulties that have higher speeds and more laps and I believe that they could have interesting new strats and vehicle choices and would like to know if new leaderboards for those difficulties would ever be considered to be implemented some day.


The new glitch discovery definitely warrants a new category, as for other difficulties I never really thought of adding more since there was no interest in running the game outside of our initial group of runners at the time, but it does makes sense to add them.

Please let me know if I missed anything or if anything else should be added.

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