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For runners: type here your nickname.
Verification can be done by saving a replay of the played level. Which level to play moderators will tell you.
The level will be new and unpopular.

Verificed accounts:
( nickname - nickname)
trapmix - jake22214
Armageddon15 - Armgeddon15
hangar1453 - 0Zero1One

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NinjazFTW64, you need to play the level called "WORST LEVEL" created by "ZACATARUNGA" and save a replay. Would be better if you link this replay here. Armageddon15, your account doesn't need verification.


the run human run record has a broken replay, fyi

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hangar1453, play a level "Impossible 2.0" by fightowensfight and save a replay. Link your replay here.


No. Wrong author of the level. But I guess I can count this as well.


do I need to save a replay? or do I not need to because it's the same name as on this site?


You can save a replay with approved nick but it is still better to upload vid to youtube. Replays can break for no reason. And break = lose the first/second/third place!