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I know this was posted before but I believe we need more categories, namely, more character-specific runs, is there any reason why there is an "Agitha" category and not any other character? Because I'd love to run free mode with Volga-only and other characters.

Also, is there any speedrun potential for challenge mode? Haven't played them too much but they seem to be fun.

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Speaking as someone who's done "Lana%" runs before, there's absolutely nothing stopping anyone from doing runs that don't have a leaderboard, although its unlikely any more will ever be added. The only real reason for "Agitha%" getting a leaderboard is basically because it was a community meme back in the day and a few of us actually did it for fun and laughs.

I've personally also wondered about the potential for Challenge Mode runs, at least Ganon-runs if nothing else, but like any other character runs I don't think it's likely to get a leaderboard for it. I know there was also some talk for a short time of a Cia's Tale category that never really went anywhere either.


oh are you the volga any% runner?

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I'm not, as I haven't actually recorded a run, but I'd love to, I just don't wat to do a free mode run that is gonna be slower just because I'm not using Link

there should be a way to work this around, hope there's some kind of alternative anytime in the future

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I've been doing my own run for quite a while now that I've been calling "NG+ Unique Characters" because I think watching somebody use the Master Sword for fourteen out of eighteen stages on a 2+ hour run is lame. Rules are same as NG+ Any% but with the added restriction that you cannot use the same character on more than one stage. This means if you're going to use Link on Battle of the Triforce, then you cannot use him on any other stage.

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hey that actually sounds pretty cool, would lead to more diverse runs at least

Overall I think we should come up with something so there's certain "freedom" of using more characters

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Any% doesn't limit you to only Master Sword. Considering Tingle, Lana, and Great Fairy get used in it, even optimal strats aren't only Master Sword. Though if you wanted more diverse characters, just do Recommended or the New Game categories. Adventure Mode also allows you to use whoever you want.

EDIT: Just counted, and Link being the majority of the runs only takes up 1 out of the 5 categories there are right now.


Would it be a big enough difference too maybe Add (Co-Op) to the adventure map categories?


Well it's obviously different enough to not put co-op runs in the same category, but I guess it depends on how the individual levels in the adventure modes work. Like if there's any levels that are already played that could be sequence-broken or if there's some different path of levels on the map screen that are faster to complete with two people than the current ones played.