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It says "• Must be completed on Free Mode, proceeding from the first mission to the end in order."

but it goes into 3 different paths that re converge at Temple of the Sacred Sword. But my confusion is since it must be done in order and you must do all six of those inbetweens what is the order that you start or does it not matter?

Levels in question Death Mountain, Twilight Field, Skyloft

Keep in mind Legend mode lets you do the 3 in any order but you have to complete those 6 levels in order to progress.
Like i am only asking because i don't want to actually do a run that violates a rule.

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You not undersytand this rule, and not violates a rule because the specifation adject the all 3 category.


Simply put, the requirement is to do all 18 non-DLC story missions, starting from Armies of Ruin and ending on Liberation of the Triforce. The part about in order basically refers to not skipping around the mission select screen, like finishing the prologue missions then doing the Ganondorf missions next then going back to do the 'split timeline missions' ect ect, you can do the branch paths in whichever order you prefer though.


Basically you can do them in any order that you would be able to in Legend mode.


Oh ok thanks for the explanation and sorry for me not understanding it in the first place.