Hyrule Warriors Forum  /  Is it possible to share NG+ files between Wii Us?

In short: is it possible for me to load another Wii U's NG+ HW file onto mine, and if so, is anyone willing to share. I'd like to run NG+ coop, but the grind is reeeeeeeeeeeeal.


In theory it should be possible assuming someone has a flash drive they can copy the file onto and upload it somewhere online, then you'd just need to do the opposite to get it on your console. But I don't know if Nintendo has some kind of anti-copy protection on the Wii U or not.


they are mods for smash 4 so anything possible. but i think the game is worth it without using a save i think it fun! play adventure mode use max rupee glitch i got it 5 times in 30 mintues skull kid level 255 on the first day. try to play with a friend or family it's really fun with people. so don't too upset cause there no way to get 100% everything at least right now. have a good one!