Adventure Mode - Master Quest in 56m 06s by Gamer_DavidGamer_David - 1st place

Version: Download
DLC: Yes
Submitted by:
Gamer_DavidGamer_David on
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Wii U on
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[Deleted user] on


Name Duration Finished at
Rack Up Your KO's 1 6m 23s 000ms 6m 23s
Destroy Traitors 1 2m 19s 000ms 8m 43s
Two Armies 2m 23s 000ms 11m 06s
Guard the Keeps 1 2m 11s 000ms 13m 18s
Devastating Attacks 1 1m 33s 000ms 14m 51s
Giant Bosses 1 2m 20s 000ms 17m 11s
Boosted Morale 3 3m 30s 000ms 20m 42s
Mystery Mastery Quiz 2m 13s 000ms 22m 56s
Powered-Up Enemies 3m 19s 000ms 26m 16s
Giant Bosses 9 2m 45s 000ms 29m 01s
Run Swiftly 3m 30s 000ms 32m 31s
Prevent Reinforcements 2m 37s 000ms 35m 09s
Boosted Morale 7 3m 51s 000ms 39m 00s
Stop the Healers 3m 40s 000ms 42m 41s
Dash Into Battle 3m 44s 000ms 46m 25s
Royalty Quiz 3m 43s 000ms 50m 09s
Defeat the Demon King 5m 57s 000ms 56m 06s
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